„Houses of old – especially if purely restored - radiate hope and offer explanation.”

(Gyula Illyés, Hungarian poet and novelist)

About us

Along our more than two decade long career we have done architectural activities of remarkably broad and various fields. Then as luck would have it old buildings found us. The enthusiasm felt about the then current task later became our passion; a passion for provision and cast of mind of architectural relics of old.

We are to introduce the afore-mentioned area of our work to you, Dear Visitor. The line of old buildings is expanded by ones which are to be newly constructed: masterpieces of contemporary spirit, the essence of which were determined by their cultural and historical backgrounds. Apart from our own designs you can find buildings which are to represent our investor and contractor activity.


Sinus Art Architect’s Studio Kft. (Ltd.)

Address: 2/B. Pecz Samu Str Budapest 1118.

tel/fax: +36 (1) 247 1057

mobile: +36 (30) 311 4282

email: postmaster@sinusart.axelero.net
Mrs. Zelenák, Brigitta Keresztes architect,
authority: designer in chief, specialist architect of historic monuments
Sándor Zelenák civil engineer,
authority: technical manager, technical supervisor

Our Colleagues:

Attila Tóth architect
Adrián Zelenák environmental engineer
Specialist designers:
László Szlancsik – structural engineer in chief
Zsolt Trosztel – building services engineer in chief
Zsolt Beharka – electrical engineer in chief
András Koza – specialised engineer of insulation
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